Vinyl Impact Window

SafeHarbor® Vinyl Impact Windows

Make Your Home A SafeHarbor®

SafeHarbor® Vinyl Impact Windows and Patio Doors

SafeHarbor® Vinyl Impact windows and sliding glass doors are engineered to protect you and your home against dangerous weather, including hurricane force winds. Reducing the possibility of flying debris penetrating the window results in a lessened possibility of structural and water damage or even total destruction.

SafeHarbor products are designed to look like traditional windows and doors, but they are constructed of impact-resistant safety glass embedded in heavy duty, reinforced frames.

The Design Pressure ratings of SafeHarbor windows and doors meet coastal wind and hurricane debris code requirements.

SafeHarbor Vinyl Impact windows and sliding glass doors provide an added measure of safety to help protect your home.

Impact-Resistant Glass Construction

SafeHarbor windows feature laminated safety glass combined with a thermally-efficient insulating glass system.

The exterior lite consists of a single glass pane. The interior lite is constructed of two glass panes laminated with an interlayer membrane that becomes transparent during the laminating process and forms a protective panel.

This unique Laminated Glass System combined with a second insulating lite creates an impact-resistant barrier while delivering outstanding thermal efficiency. Protect your loved ones and your home with our SafeHarbor® Vinyl Impact windows!

All SafeHarbor Vinyl Impact windows and sliding glass doors specified with Low-E and Argon Gas are ENERGY STAR® qualified for all 50 states. ENERGY STAR qualified windows keep your home more comfortable year round while helping lower energy bills and save the environment.