Precision Entry Doors at AES Doors and Windows

Fiberglass Patio Door Stainable Steel Door Precision Glass Door


The Quality Is Evident
  • 20 Gauge Steel Slabs (thickest steel door on the market)
  • 18 Gauge Steel Spacer
  • New Construction Wood Jamb Installed To The Original Door Jamb Opening
  • Ball Bearing Hinges To Support The Weight Of The Door
  • Hammer-Proof Schlage Locking Systems With A Tamper-Proof Carbon Roll Bar
  • 180 Degree Security Viewer/Peep Site
  • The ONLY Door On The Market That Is Energy Star Approved
  • Polyurethane Fill Between the Slabs/R-Value Of 16.4 (As Energy Efficient As Your Refrigerator/Freezer)
  • Triple Bottom Sweep
  • Factory Sealed Threshold
  • Heavy-Duty magnetic Weather-stripping With A Refrigerator Seal
  • Galvanize Dipped So It Wont Rust
  • Solid Brass Locks, Keyed Alike If Purchasing More Than One Door
  • Dust Cover
  • Low-e/Argon Optional
  • Urethane Paint With A Catalyst Hardener Then Cured For Extra Durable Finish (Same Finish As A Jet Airplane)
  • 5 Year Warranty On Paint
  • 100 Year Mechanical Warranty On Locks
  • Lifetime Warranty On Glass
  • Matching Storm Doors With Low-e Glass
  • High Quality Products At A Mid-Line Price